The Affenpinscher is one of the smallest members of the Pinscher and Schnauzer family. Particularly characteristic is its rough, disheveled, black coat, which stands out bristly especially on the mop of hair and forms bushy brows and a pronounced beard.

Important to know

The Affenpinscher is a very multi-faceted, energetic, smart and extremely loyal dog that needs lots of attention, activity and exercise. Despite his stubbornness and occasional stubbornness, he is a partner for life who will always stand by you, come what may.

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This is the Affenpinscher


Rather rarely there are also, for example, gray and brown shades, but black is the desired color nowadays.

Also noticeable is the shortened muzzle, which provides a forward bite, although the teeth should not be visible when the muzzle is closed.

The round head, the rather flat nose with a straight nasal bridge, his round eyes, the high set, forward turned ears and his slightly ape-like facial expression are further characteristics that have helped the Affenpinscher to his somewhat unflattering name.

Affenpinscher reach a shoulder height of 25 to 30 cm, weigh on average between 4 and 6 kg and have a small and compact build. They also have a sickle-shaped tail and muscular legs. The gait of the Pinscher is trippy due to the position of its hind legs.

Affenpinscher live between 12 and 15 years.


The Affenpinscher has a very multifaceted character. First of all he is a very family-friendly, playful, attentive and lively dog who loves adventures and gets along well with other dogs and even cats. Affenpinscher are also very intelligent, have a quick perception and are easily bored, which is why they are also known for their great Endurance much variety and movement need.

They also like to find a primary caregiver and are extremely loyal and affectionate to them and their family, protecting them with passion. The intrepid, courageous Affenpinscher takes the task of guardian extremely seriously. Towards strangers he can therefore be choleric and distrustful.

Contrary to all this, however, the Affenpinscher can also be different when something does not suit him. Occasionally he can become very quick-tempered, stubborn and also quite cheeky. Fortunately, however, he is not vindictive and can also be distracted from his excitement quite well.

On the whole, however, the Affenpinscher is very adaptable, loyal and uncomplicated, despite his certain stubbornness, which makes him the perfect companion through thick and thin.


The most important thing for the Affenpinscher is the closeness to his caregivers. Therefore, individuals and families who have as much time for him as possible are best for him. Apart from that, it is very adaptable and makes few demands, so it feels at home both in a house with a garden and in an apartment. However, it is important to have enough exercise and employment. For this purpose, in addition to extensive walks, agility, learning tricks or any dog sports are suitable.

The smart, eager-to-learn dogs are generally easy to train. With empathy you will achieve the most with him. However, you should always be consistent, because the clever Affenpinscher remember every exception and sometimes keep them in mind with great stubbornness.

Nutrition and care

As far as nutrition is concerned, the Affenpinscher is very uncomplicated. There are no typical allergies, intolerances or diseases. Therefore, both dry, wet and self-prepared food is suitable. He probably won’t say no to (preferably healthy) treats either. It should be noted, however, that some Affenpinschers tend to be overweight, so you should watch caloric intake if necessary and generally adjust the diet to the individual dog depending on age, weight and activity.

Chew bones and the like are also a great way to keep your Pinscher’s teeth clean and keep him extra busy.

The care of the monkey pinscher turns out to be somewhat more cumbersome in contrast to the diet. In fact, you should brush the shaggy coat 2 to 3 times a week and then comb it with a metal comb, so that it remains clean and does not mat. But in return he sheds very little. You should also trim the hair around the dog’s eyes so that he has unrestricted vision. At least 2 times a year you should also trim the fur. However, you should only bathe the Affenpinscher if it is unavoidable.

Don’t forget that you should also trim the claws regularly , but this often proves difficult because of the dense fur. If you are unsure, it is best to leave the shortening to the vet.

A good tip from our side is to get the dog used to the grooming procedure from the very beginning. It is advisable to combine it with something pleasant, so that the dog realizes that it is worthwhile for him to let you groom him.


Since dogs that look exactly like the Affenpinscher have undoubtedly been around for a very long time and in very many parts of the world, it is difficult to say exactly where it came from. Most often, Germany is indicated as the country of origin. The first entry of the monkey pincher dates from 1879. The very detailed description of the dog indicates the great popularity of the dog breed. At that time, the Affenpinscher was available in many different colors, but today only black fur with black undercoat is allowed.

Originally, Affenpinscher were bred mainly as so-called rattlers, whose task was to keep rats and mice away from the house. In addition, they were often companions of carters, for whom they served as guard dogs for belongings. These two tasks of the dogs explain the vigilance and the hunting instinct of the dogs.

Although the Affenpinscher is one of the oldest and least modified breeds, it is also very rare.


The Affenpinscher is a very multi-faceted, energetic, smart and extremely loyal dog that needs lots of attention, activity and exercise. Despite his stubbornness and occasional stubbornness, he is a partner for life who will always stand by you, come what may.