The Aidi is a Moroccan dog breed and belongs to the family of shepherd dogs. The strong, robust and muscular bone structure is characteristic of the Aidi. However, this one does not make it look heavy.

Important to know

The Aidi is a very loyal breed of dog with a strong protective instinct that takes its role as a guard dog extremely seriously.

Confident & Alert


Body & Appearance


Coat care
Suitable for children
This is the Aidi


His head is bear-like and well-proportioned to the rest of his body.

The Aidi has medium sized eyes, which are always dark . The ears, set at an angle, are of medium length, dropping from halfway down and slightly rounded at the tips . They also expose the head.

Its route is very long and reaches the hock.

The coat of the Aidi is very dense and bushy. It consists of semi-long hair and protective undercoat.

The Aidi is optimally adapted to warm as well as cold weather conditions due to its fur. The color of the coat is usually white, brown, black or sand.

The Aidi reaches a shoulder height of 50-60cm and weighs between 22 and 26 Kg. The life expectancy is 11 years.


Aidi is very agile, brave, calm, confident and alert . Thus, he is the ideal watchdog and protector. The Aidi is therefore usually suspicious of strangers. However, once you gain his trust, he is very loving and loyal and loves to play with his humans. Although Aidi can live both indoors and outdoors, he prefers to live indoors with his family, as he is very attached to them as a guard and protection dog and does not like to be alone. Loneliness causes the Aidi to become bored, which in turn causes the Aidi to become destructive. Because of his social personality, you don ‘thave to be afraid that the Aidi will run away. He always prefers his social group. Due to his intelligent nature, the Aidi usually finds a suitable and effective reaction for every situation. The Aidi repels intruders not only by its strong and thus also partly frightening appearance, but also by barking. So we can say that the Aidi is not only an optimal guard dog, but also a family dog . However, how his relationship will be towards children and other conspecifics in the family is difficult to generalize. Both devoted love and aversion are possible and depend on the socialization that begins in puppyhood. For this reason, education also contributes a great deal to the personality development of the Aidi.


Aidi has a lot of energy and temperament. Therefore, it is important to keep him busy and exercise with him and go for walks . Thus, even keeping in an apartment in the city is not the optimal home for this dog. Aidi is more happy to have a house with a fenced garden, where he can not only romp around and get rid of his energy, but also fulfill his function as a guard dog. Entertaining and challenging activities like dogdance and flyball also interest Aidi.

The Aidi is adaptable, but he also expects a clear leadership as well as adequate strict attitude from his owner . A consistent education is inevitable to have the Aidi as a pleasant companion at his side.

For this reason, the Aidi is also more suitable for dog lovers who already have more experience in dealing with dogs and who can still muster the necessary energy that the Aidi demands.

Nutrition and care

The ideal food for Aidi is homemade . However, he also tolerates high-quality dry food suitable for his lifestyle. When giving food, make sure that the size of the food ration is adjusted to the amount of daily exercise the dog does, so that Aidi does not become overweight.

The Aidi needs almost no fur care . Due to the nature of its fur, dirt and moisture simply roll off. You should only keep in mind that the hair loss is very strong in times of coat change and therefore the dog has to be brushed a little more.


Very little is known about the history and origin of the Aidis. Its origin is the African dog breed in the mountains of Morocco, where was used to guard the property and herds of the half-Normads in North Africa.

Thus, he was not a shepherd dog, but has always been used for defense.


The Aidi is a very loyal breed of dog with a strong protective instinct that takes its role as a guard dog extremely seriously.

Even though the Aidi demands a consistent education, with this breed you have gained a faithful and loving companion at your side, with whom you can do a lot.