Australian Kelpie


The Australian Kelpie belongs to the medium sized dog breeds. Males have a height at the withers of 46 – 51cm and females have a height at the withers of 43 – 48 cm.

Important to know

The Australian Kelpie is the ideal companion for you if you are an active and enterprising person. However, you should keep in mind that you need to allocate a lot of time for the education and employment of your four-legged friend.

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This is the Australia Kelpie


Its head shape is reminiscent of that of a fox. The eyes of the Australian Kelpie are almond shaped and the muzzle is clearly marked. The rod together with the brush hangs down in a slight bow. In the active state, the rod lifts.

At first glance, the Australian Kelpie resembles a short-haired German Shepherd.

The short hair of the Australia Kelpie protects it from extreme cold and heat due to the short and dense undercoat . In addition, the coat is absolutely waterproof due to the hard and flat-lying outer hairs.

The color of the coat can have different variations. The majority of bred Australia Kelpies are solid colored, but the color spectrum ranges from black to various shades of blue to red or even cream.


The Australian Kelpie is a working dog. Even if the work on the cattle is no longer the main focus in breeding today, the joy of work in the service of his people still characterizes the Kelpie. In addition, the Australia Kelpie has a lot of stamina, enjoys exercise and shows a great willingness to perform.

Because of his thinking and his independence, the Kelpie is often perceived as stubborn. Nevertheless, he is very intelligent and has a high level of comprehension.

Although the Australian Kelpie is alert, it is not a true guard dog. He needs his occupation, then he can also be a good temperamental family dog. The Australian Kelpie is also very fond of people and children. In addition, he is open to other dogs and pets.

However, due to his strength, agility and speed, he can also assert himself and prevail at any time.


The Australian Kelpie is trouble-free in its attitude. Due to his energetic, hard-working and intelligent nature, he still needs active leadership with a high level of dog sense.

When leading, you should also make sure that you always treat the Australian Kelpie with respect. Based on respect and a deep emotional bond, a wonderful relationship between human and dog can grow and the Kelpie will appreciate you as a leader.

The Australian Kelpie wants you to include and challenge him in the family. Ideal for keeping is also a house with a garden. A small apartment in the city will not make the Kelpie happy. It is also recommended that you choose a dog sport together with the Kelpie, such as flyball or Frisbee. Here your four-legged friend can get rid of his excess energy.

However, the Australian Kelpie wants to be encouraged not only physically, but also mentally. Special intelligence toys are suitable for this purpose, so that your four-legged friend does not get bored and come up with silly ideas.

It is important that you find the right level of consistency when raising this breed of dog. Especially because the Australian Kelpie is such an intelligent and independent dog breed.

Nutrition and care

The Australian Kelpie does not have any special dietary requirements. Each dog has different nutritional needs based on age, weight and health status. Therefore, the amount and type of feed can not be determined in a general way. In addition to dry and wet food, the Australia Kelpie is also well suited for barfeeding. When “barfing” you feed your four-legged friend mainly with raw meat. However, when “barfing” it is important that you feed the exact amount of nutrients that your Kelpie needs. Otherwise, deficiency symptoms may occur.

The amount of care required for the Australian Kelpie is usually low. You should brush him twice a week and daily during the coat change. In addition, a check of the ears, eyes and claws is recommended. You should also check the limbs and the pads of the soles, because after long walks some things can get stuck there.

Worming and parasite treatments, as well as dental care, are also part of your pet’s care.

The Australian Kelpie is considered a healthy dog breed without hereditary diseases. To keep it that way, breeders make sure that every dog that enters the breeding program is healthy.


The Australian Kelpie, as the name suggests, originated in Australia where it was used in large flocks of sheep. The dog breed has its clock origin in the Scottish Collies, which were used for breeding. The name “Kelpie” comes from the fact that a bitch of the new breed won a herding competition in 1872. The bitch was called Kelpie and so the dog breed was named after her. The puppies of the progenitor mother were then considered to be in great demand. The first standards, for the Australia Kelpie named after her, were written in 1902.

Connoisseurs of the breed believe that, especially in the early days of breeding, different herding dogs were crossed. A mating with Dingos is excluded.

Since 1989 the Australian Kelpie is recognized as an independent breed also by the FCI.


The Australian Kelpie is the ideal companion for you if you are an active and enterprising person. However, you should keep in mind that you need to allocate a lot of time for the education and employment of your four-legged friend.

If you meet these requirements, then you will find in the Australian Kelpie an extremely loyal and affectionate companion that will provide many years of pleasure thanks to its versatility, endurance and ease of handling.