Bearded Collie


As its name suggests, the American Bulldog has a beefy, striking, muscular and powerful build and is medium in size. It reaches a height of up to 71 cm and weighs between 27 and 58 kg.

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Although he may seem a bit scary at first glance, the American Bulldog is an extremely gentle, sensitive and intelligent dog, especially towards his family. In their environment he is extremely loyal, involved, difficult to provoke and gets along well with children.

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This is the Bearded Collie


The Bearded Collie is a large and powerful, but also elegant dog. The height at withers is 53 – 56cm for males and 51 – 53cm for females. His straight back ends in a low set tail, in addition, the former herding dog has strong legs. The head is square and the large eyes are wide apart. The ears of the Bearded Collie are medium in size and may lift slightly when attention is given.

Characteristic of the Bearded Collie is the dense and shaggy coat. The texture can be both smooth and slightly wavy. The body is also covered with soft, furry undercoat. On the cheeks and chin, the top coat forms the characteristic beard of the Bearded Collie.

The Official Breed Standard FCI states that the hair must be dense and long on the one hand, but on the other hand the athletic build of the Bearded Collies must still be recognizable and must not be blurred by the full coat.

The colors black, blue, slate gray, brown and all shades of gray and reddish colors are permitted as coat color. In addition, some dogs also have white or slightly tan markings.

The Bearded Collie has a life expectancy of 14 – 15 years.


The Bearded Collie is a very lively and spirited dog that walks confidently through life. Even though the Bearded Collie is very temperamental and active, he is not nervous or even aggressive. Bearded Collies are more known for the opposite. The dogs are not only attentive, but also sensitive. Since the Bearded Collies are intelligent dogs that have good powers of observation, they quickly know what is expected of them. In addition, they have a high adaptability. Bearded Collies are not only interested in being able to follow their master or mistress, they also want to please.

In addition, the Bearded Collie has a strong play instinct and gets along well with both children and other pets and dogs. Only towards strangers the Bearded Collie is usually suspicious and watchful at the beginning.

Loud or shrill noises may cause the Bearded Collie to quickly retreat to a quiet corner, although he will still remain calm and not be thrown off his mental balance. For this reason, the Bearded Collie also rejects harsh commands and strictness in education. The Bearded Collie desires a calm and gentle tone.


The Bearded Collie is anadventurous dog who expects you to take him for long walks , during which he can also move freely and without restraint. The lively four-legged friend is also open to dog sports such as dog dancing or agility, as well as intelligence games and brain teasers.

A house with a garden would be ideal for the Bearded Collie, but you can also keep him in an apartment as long as you regularly spend time with him. If too bored, the Bearded Collie may become a yapper or take out his energy on your furniture.

The Bearded Collie is considered easy to train, but it is still important to remain consistent when training your four-legged friend. This is the only way he will learn to respect you. However, you should remember to always remain calm and gentle in your tone with your sensitive four-legged friend.

Nutrition and care

The diet of Bearded Collies should be meaty and adapted to the size, weight and activity, age and health of the animal.

Besides dry – wet food, the Bearded Collie is also suitable for feeding raw meat or home-cooked.

The long and shaggy hair of Bearded Collies requires intensive care. Especially after long walks in the forest, you should check the coat for ticks and brush your four-legged friend regularly so that his coat does not become matted.

The long and luxuriant hair on the head also often makes it difficult for dogs to see, so it’s best to tie it up in a braid when walking. However, you should not shear the Bearded Collie. The fur also has a protective function. It protects the dogs from heat and cold.

Despite their thick and long coat, Bearded Collies do not shed very much.

Health-wise, the Bearded Collies have few problems. There may be occasional eye and ear problems, but there are no widespread hereditary diseases.


The ancestors of the Bearded Collie are old herding – and driving dogs from the Scottish Highlands. The name “Bearded” in German “bärtiger” Collie owes the animals to their characteristic fur beard. The name “Collie” is derived from the Scottish breed of the same name. However, the Bearded Collie had more complex herding duties compared to the Border Collie, such as independently driving herds of cattle out of the mountains or guarding and protecting livestock against predators or rustlers.

Since the first owners of Bearded Collies were shepherds with little education, little is known about the beginnings of the dog breed.

The number of Bearded Collies decreased drastically, especially during the first two world wars. It was not until 1944 that the dog breed was accidentally rediscovered by the breeder Mrs. G.O and the breed was rebuilt and thus also saved from extinction. Since its rediscovery in 1944, the Bearded Collie has been used mainly as a companion dog for families, rather than as a herding or driving dog.

The FCI then officially recognized the dog breed in 1967 .


If you are looking for an active family dog, with whom you can do a lot and you also bring enough time to keep your four-legged friend busy, then you have won a loyal companion for life with the Bearded Collie.