Bedlington Terrier


With a height at withers of 38-40cm and a body weight of 8-10Kg, the Bedlington Terrier belongs to the medium-sized dog breeds. In appearance, the slender, medium-sized dog resembles a sheep.

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If you like the typical terrier charm and you are willing to learn about dog training, you will have a lot of fun with the Bedlington Terrier.

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This is the Bedlington Terrier


The resemblance to a sheep is due to the short curly coat. Particularly on the head and foreface the coat, with small, corkscrew-shaped curls, is very pronounced. The coat, typical of the breed, has a thick flax-like texture.

Furthermore, the Bedlington Terrier hardly sheds and is therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. As color variants are blue, liver – or sand color, with or without tan allowed.

The head of the dog, just like the rest of the body, has an upward curved shape, yet the body is also athletic-wirey. The eyes are small, bright and deeply embedded. Together with the Dandie Dinmont, the Bedlington Terrier is the only terrier whose ears also droop. In the show scene, the ears are shaved smooth down to the tips.

The tail of the Bedlington Terrier is set low and, according to breed standards, should not be carried over the back.

The life expectancy of the Bedlington Terrier is between 14 – 15 years.


The Bedlington Terrier is characterized by its affectionate nature and fixated on its caregivers. Even though he is an affectionate animal, he is not demanding or pushy about it. Inside the house, he is also considered quiet, pleasant and gentle. He also shows this behavior towards children. The Bedlington Terrier loves to play with them. For this reason, the Bedlington Terrier is also ideally suited as a family dog.

Outside the house, however, the Bedlington Terrier is lively and alert. In addition, outside hishunting instinct comes to the fore. Male dogs usually do not like strange dogs and often let them provoke them. Strangers, on the other hand, are usually tolerated by the Bedlington Terrier.

The Bedlington Terrier is also very intelligent, courageous, operative and docile. These qualities can benefit you in parenting.


Because of his dominant traits, it is important with the Bedlington Terrier that you raise him with clear rules. In addition, you should not only respect the strong personality of your four-legged friend, but also appreciate it. This way, even if you are a dog beginner, you can successfully train your pet. Keep in mind, however, that puppies in particular often test their limits. For this reason, you should not only be consistent in parenting, but also patient. For optimal education from an early age, a dog school is recommended, especially to strengthen social compatibility. You should still keep this dog breed away from small animals because of their hunting instinct.

The Bedlington Terrier is also a bundle of energy. Therefore, he loves and needs the physical as well as mental challenge. For example, various dog sports such as agility or dog dancing are very suitable for this. In general, the Bedlington Terrier needs enough exercise and he will be happy if you do a lot with him and maybe even have a garden where he can run around.

Nutrition and care

The diet of the Bedlington Terrier is uncomplicated. As with other dog breeds, you should make sure that his diet consists of high-quality as well as nutrient-rich ingredients. In addition, the Bedlington Terrier likes a meaty beef bone or fresh meat from time to time. In addition, the dog breed is suitable for barfing, that is, feeding raw meat.

Even though the Bedlington Terrier hardly sheds and does not carry the typical “dog smell”, the dog breed’s coat care does require some work. Ideally, you should comb or brush your four-legged friend once or twice a day . You should have your dog’s hair cut or trimmed by a groomer at least once a year. You should also check the hanging ears regularly and keep them clean with special ear cleaners for dogs. The same applies to the claws of dogs. If they are not worn down sufficiently, injuries can result from the claws being too long.

Although the Bedlington Terrier is a hardy breed of dog, it still has a slight tendency to copper toxicosis, a disease that attacks the liver. However, serious breeders are trying to systematically combat this disease. Therefore, you should only get your dog from reputable breeders.


The Bedlington Terrier belongs – as its name already reveals – to the group of terriers. Terrier is derived from the Latin ,,Terra” for earth. The name is due to their work on earth. Originally, the Bedlington Terrier comes from Great Britain, where he was kept as a reliable rat – and pest controller and hare hunter ofpoor poachers. In the mining regions of northern England, it was also used in the mines. Even then, the dogs were fearless and after that strive to carefully perform the work imposed.

Initially, the Bedlington Terrier was known as the Rothbury Terrier until it was renamed after the town where it was mainly bred from 1820. This was the village of Bedlington. Scottish Terriers, Whippets and Otterhounds are among the ancestors of Bedlington Terriers.

In 1870 the first exhibition with representatives of the new breed took place in Bedlington.

In 1877 the first breeding association was founded. From then on, the breed spread throughout Europe.


If you like the typical terrier charm and you are willing to learn about dog training, you will have a lot of fun with the Bedlington Terrier.