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The Berger de Picardie also called ,,Berger Picard” is a French medium sized robust and strongly built shepherd dog breed. Characteristic for the Berger Picard are his special, medium-length coat as well as his alert, standing ears.

Important to know

If you are a dog-loving and active person, you will have a friend for life in the good-natured Berger Picard, who will not only be happy to accompany you on outings, but also to spend a cozy evening with you and your family on the couch.

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This is the Berger Picard


Males have a height at withers of 60-65cm, while females have a height at withers of 55-60cm. The weight of the animals is between 23 and 32kg.

The typical wavy coat around the head is called “Griffonnage” (literally scribble). This coat encloses the whole head including eyebrows, chin – and moustache. This gives the Berger Picard its unique appearance.

The coat of the Berger Picard is hard and semi-long with a rough texture. The hair length is 5 to 6 cm. In addition, the Berger Picard has a fine, dense undercoat that protects it from any weather conditions.

The color variations of the Berger Picard range from fawn to fawn tabby to fawn with black overcoat to gray. White markings are allowed only as small light patches on paws and chest.

Although the Berger Picard shares the same history of origin with the Beauceron (Berger of Beauce) and the Briard (Berger de Brie), unlike the other two breeds of dog, the Picard does not have a double dewclaw (the degenerate fifth toe on the forehand).

The Berger Picard has a life expectancy of just over 13 years.


The Berger Picard is a well-balanced dog that is neither fearful nor insecure or aggressive. He is also very smart and spunky and likes to meet his work requirements. These include leading and guarding flocks of sheep, as well as guarding houses.

Because of his sensitive nature, he loves to be included in the family. He is also open and warm towards children and very skilled in dealing with them.

When dealing with strangers, the Berger Picard is initially reserved and aloof, but not unfriendly or even aggressive.

A former herding dog, the Berger Picard is also temperamental and persistent.


Even though the Berger Picard has a friendly and gentle nature, he can also be a stubborn one who will not blindly obey you if you give him orders. Therefore, this dog breed is not necessarily suitable as a beginner dog. Education requires a lot of patience as well as a good mix of perseverance and composure. Strictness will not get you far with this stubborn breed of dog.

In addition, the Berger Picard as a former shepherd dog requires a high degree of exercise and employment. So you should be active enough to meet the demands of your four-legged friend. Sporty walks, jogging units or bike tours are optimal leisure activities for you and your four-legged friend. To challenge your four-legged friend mentally enough, intelligence toys and apport games are very suitable.

In addition, the Berger Picard is happy to have a house with a garden. He probably wouldn’t be happy in a bunkhouse with no exercise.

Nutrition and care

When feeding, it is important that your pet’s food provides him with all the necessary nutrients. It is up to you and your pet whether you feed wet or dry food. In addition, you should adjust the food ration to the amount of exercise as well as to the age and weight of your four-legged friend.

A balanced feed is characterized by a high meat and vegetable content. Sugar and artificial flavor enhancers have no place in dog food

Hardly any dirt gets stuck in the rough coat of the Berger Picard and it is easy to brush, which makes daily grooming of the dog breed simple. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to fixed health check-upsfor your four-legged friend. Not only the coat must be brushed, but also the teeth, eyes and claws should be checked weekly. In this way, you can not only prevent diseases, but also detect them in time and thus increase the chances of recovery.

Since the Berger Picard is a robust and strong dog breed, hereditary diseases are rather the rarity. Even the hereditary disease HD (hip joint dysplasia), from which very many medium to large dog breeds suffer, serious breeders have the Berger Picard well under control.


Berger de Picardie” means ” shepherd dog from Picardy“. Picardy is a landscape in the northwest of France. Even though the Berger Picard is an ancient breed of dog, it was not recognized as such by the official breed society until January 21, 1952. Before that, only the Briard and the Beauceron were recognized as French Sheepdogs.

The Berger Picard is believed to be descended from Celtic dogs dating back to the 9th century BC. However, this thesis can no longer be proven today.

The first breeder of this breed was the cynologist Fontaine. However, his breeding attempts were interrupted by the First World War and could only be resumed after the end of the war with the help of other comrades-in-arms.

To this day, the Berger Picard is a rare breed of dog.


If you are a dog-loving and active person, you will have a friend for life in the good-natured Berger Picard, who will not only be happy to accompany you on outings, but also to spend a cozy evening with you and your family on the couch.