Border collie


The Border Collie is known for its high intelligence and learning ability. It is important to challenge him mentally and offer him new challenges on a regular basis. This breed has a close bond with its owners and loves to spend time with them. However, they can also be independent and enjoy playing or sleeping alone.

Important to know

Because of their high intelligence and willingness to work, the Border Collie needs clear leadership and consistency from his owner. A positive reinforcement method is often most effective. The breed can sometimes tend to “herd” people or other animals. It is important to teach the dog from the beginning that this behavior is undesirable and to direct him to other activities instead.

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This is the Border Collie


The Border Collie is a medium to large dog breed known for its endurance and working efficiency. They have a dense coat in the colors black and white, blue-merle or red-brown. Her physique is muscular and athletic, with a slender head and alert eyes. The shoulder height is about 48-56 cm for males and 46-53 cm for females.


Border Collies are very intelligent dogs and have a high energy level. They are willing to work, willing to learn, and need mental as well as physical challenges to be happy. This breed has a close bond with its owners and loves to spend time with them. Border Collies are also known to be fond of children and gentle. Because of their willingness to work, they are often used as police or rescue dogs.


Because of their high energy levels, Border Collies need regular exercise and mental stimulation. It is recommended to take them out at least once a day or give them enough space in the garden to play. Since this breed is very intelligent, they can quickly become unhappy if they do not get enough employment. Border Collies are well suited for families with active lifestyles.


As with all dogs, the diet of the Border Collie should be balanced and provide him with all the necessary nutrients. One high-quality dry food meal a day is usually enough. However, it is also advisable to regularly offer the dog fresh fruit or vegetables as a snack.


The coat of the Border Collie needs regular brushing to prevent matting. It is recommended to brush the coat thoroughly once a week to remove dead hair and keep the coat healthy.


The breed originated in Great Britain, where they were used as working dogs on farms to herd sheep. The name “Collie” comes from the Scottish word “colley”, which meant sheep – a reference to its origin as a shepherd dog in Scotland on the border (English: “border”) between England and Scotland.


The Border Collie is a wonderful breed for active families or individuals with plenty of time on their hands to keep him properly occupied. With its high intelligence level and willingness to work, this breed can provide years of pleasure!