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Dog sitter Vienna - Find a dogwalker in your area

Find the right dog sitter in Vienna with us. Dog sitting is provided by a certified professional from gehgassi.

Looking for a dog sitter in Vienna?

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Just use the flexible option in Vienna and find a suitable dog professional for your dog. Our team is looking forward to meeting you and your four-legged friend!

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Find a job as a dog sitter in Vienna now.

You want to become a dog sitter in Vienna? These are the most common questions:

The cost of taking care of your dog can vary. All dog sitters set their prices individually. Start your search today (at the top), and find out what the costs are. 🔎

If you’re on vacation and want to leave your dog at home in Vienna, just contact one of our dog sitters. The best way to find the best dog sitter for your four-legged friend is to use the app. 🌴

It is important to distinguish whether you want to leave your four-legged friend in a kennel during your absence or have a dog caretaker take care of him. The costs here are usually much lower and the support more individual. The dog professional can cater specifically to your dog’s needs and meet your requests. You can see the current prices of the respective dog sitter simply by searching (at the top).

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  • Dog walker

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We bring dog owners and certified dog walker together. We are available for you and your four-legged friend throughout Austria.

Find the perfect dog sitter near you.

Dog sitting means taking care of your dog. This includes all the activities that we like to do with our dog but unfortunately do not always have time for. The dog sitter provides your four-legged friend with everything he needs. Of course, everything will be discussed with you in advance. Simply contact a suitable dog sitter from Vienna directly.

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Find dog sitter jobs in Vienna now.

Find jobs and vacancies as dog sitter / dog guide for dog care in Vienna. Just sign up now and receive orders quickly.

You want to become a dog sitter in Vienna? These are the most common questions:

The job as a dog guide / dog sitter is ideal for you if you love dogs and have a big heart for the four-legged companions. As a dog sitter, you should have a lot of experience in dealing with dogs. We attach great importance to the fact that our dog sitters are extremely well trained. Simply register here and our staff will contact you as soon as possible. 😊

How much a dog sitter in Vienna earns basically depends on the duration and intensity of the care. Approximately, a dog sitter earns 25 euros per hour.

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