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Forget about expensive commissions, we don’t charge for your room bookings! Become part of the new fair hotel platform in Austria.

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We actively promote hotels through better discoverability on a platform that does not charge a commission to clients or hoteliers.

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All questions and answers about the new platform

All hotels that are registered in Austria and meet our quality guidelines can be registered on the platform. If you have all the information in our registration form.

In order to offer the best deals to clients and hotels, we do not charge commissions. There are several ways to actively market hotels, it’s best to contact customer service directly if you have any questions.

Yes, unlike most platforms we offer the possibility to link directly to your hotel. You can thus use your own booking facility on your website.

Within one week your hotel can be actively listed and benefit from our marketing activities. The quickest way to register is to sign up for free verification in the form.

We are looking forward to your entry!